Do you have EXIT in your business DNA?

A few times a year, Mac and his team of industry experts come together for a LIVE event where they work directly with entrepreneurs like you. This is often a truly transformational experience! This ExitDNA Bootcampis an immersive, hands-on event where you learn the strategies and tactics you will need if you want create the option to exit – and with the confidence you’ve maximized exit value (ie. not leaving millions on the table).

Lane B.

Former Special Forces/Green Beret and Company Founder

"Mac created a powerful process for companies looking to exit in the next 5 years or 5 months. His massive experience, concise communication and systems may be the reason your company either gains or loses millions of dollars during an exit. Highly recommend Mac Lackey and ExitDNA for any business to get the exit they deserve"

Mac Lackey

Serial Entrepreneur

What You’ll Learn During the

ExitDNA Bootcamp.

This is not simply boring presentations and sharing from a podium, it is an interactive series of working sessions where we roll up our sleeves together and make progress in real time.

At the ExitDNA Bootcamp you will learn:

Where you are now on the Founder’s Journey

This helps you understand your timeline and opportunity to exit.

To draft a powerful EXIT vision we call "The Great Outcome"

To draft a powerful exit vision we call “The Great Outcome.”

To create and use the ExitDNA Strategic Memo

Creating alignment with your team, partners, investors, etc.

How to tell your Exit Story

Which helps ensure maximum exit value is realized.

Find the right Buyers

Where and how you can find buyers for your business.

IF and WHEN you should sell

Learn How to evaluate IF and WHEN you should sell

...and MUCH, MUCH more.

In addition to the above you will gain access to the proprietary frameworks and methodologies Mac uses in his own companies, investments and the exact strategies that have led to his six personal exits. This content is what ExitDNA customers learn in Mac’s MasterMinds and Academies (which start at $7,500+).

The ExitDNA Bootcamp is unfortunately limited in size. We believe very strongly in working in interactive sessions, so will process registrations on a first come first serve basis. If you have ever even considered selling your company, or want to know how to create that option, click the REGISTER button to secure your spot.

About Mac Lackey

Mac Lackey is an American entrepreneur who has started, scaled and sold six companies (all seven or eight figure exits). Mac and his companies have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Business North Carolina, USA Today and The New York Times.

Over 100 Founders Advised and Mentored 

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Serial Entrepreneur

"Mac’s framework and course can help founders and CEOs build a solid exit strategy and exit for a higher price. I wish I met Mac 5 years ago before I started and sold my company. Instead I spent 100s of hours trying to figure out an exit plan..ultimately ended up learning a fraction of what Mac teaches in 8 weeks."


Director, The Variable

“Mac’s vision, success, and mindset have been an inspiration to me…Having been deep in the trenches, starting from scratch, and being resourceful enough to dig his way to the top, Mac brings a unique perspective to the startup process and the art of identifying opportunities for disrupting a market. He has the vision, wisdom, and mindset to get things done and knows what it takes to be successful.”


Founder, 24Foundation

“Extraordinary mix of skills, vision, and experience. Mac is a natural go-to for those new to startups and those well versed. Mac has lived it, done it, and knows the space extremely well. Above all, Mac is uniquely able to frame the future through his extraordinary mix of skills, vision, and experience.”

Spots are Extremely Limited

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